And Training Ministry

This is one of the most important ministries in our church. The Education and Training Department is made up of several teams which are as follows

Assimiliation Class

This team educates new members from other churches, including other branches of the RCCG on the principles and peculiarities of the Maranatha Assembly. Trained members within the Training Department authorized by the pastorate assume the responsibility of teaching in this class.

Believers' Class

The Believers’ Class is a mandatory RCCG class designed to give members or new converts a solid spiritual foundation. All church members are encouraged to attend the believers’ class. It is mandatory for all workers in Maranatha Assembly

Baptismal Class

This class is for those who wish to undergo Christian baptism. Baptism is the ritual of immersion into the water to symbolize putting the “old person” to death, being raised out of the water to symbolize inheriting new life in Jesus Christ (Romans 6:3-4). The need for baptism comes as a command from our Lord Jesus (Matthew 28:19). This team also helps to educate all who fit into the above category and explain the biblical reasons why the RCCG believes in and participates in this type of Baptism

New Converts Class

This team teaches the new converts in church how to live a life of righteousness for the Lord Jesus Christ. The bible says without righteousness no man can see God. The bible sets out all the principles a Christian needs to achieve the overall goal of making heaven, it is these principles that this team teaches in the New Converts Class. Brethren who have been saved and never attended a new convert’s class are encouraged to do so.

Sunday School

This class is for everyone, for every child of God, who wants to grow spiritually in the word.

It is very enriching and refreshing, motivating, and equipping, once you partake you won’t like to miss the next lesson.

It is made up of well-trained and dedicated workers who are ever ready to help.